How to get help

Get a Goodbank voucher
and exchange it for a food parcel

Please check if you do not live in BD16 or Bd15

People needing to use the foodbank should come with a voucher from one of the agencies listed below. e – vouchers may sometimes be issued

Agencies issuing Vouchers

  • Airedale Children’s Centre
  • Bingley Medical Practice/ Springfield Surgery/Wilsden Medical Practice
  • Bingley Voluntary Services
  • CAP
  • Citizens Advice – Keighley
  • Cottingley Cornerstone Centre
  • Dept of Adult and Community services – Town Hall Bingley
  • Job Centres – Bradford and Keighley
  • In Communities
  • Meridian House, Keighley
  • New Directions Keighley and Pathways Keighley
  • Primary Schools – Eldwick/ Priestthorpe/ Trinity All Saints/Crossflatts.

Bingley Foodbank Location & Opening Times

Opening times for people wishing to use the Foodbank are Tuesday and Fridays from 10.30am to 11.45 am. The foodbank operates from Bingley Arts Centre on Bingley’s Main Street, opposite Sainsbury’s.

What happens when you arrive?

When you arrive, you’ll be welcomed with a cup of tea or coffee and biscuits.

Everyone is seen individually and our volunteers will try to signpost you to other sources of help in the community, as well as providing the food parcel.

What’s in a food parcel?

The food offered is intended to provide emergency food for 3 days.  All contents of a food parcel is non-perishable (i.e. tinned and packed food).  We aim to offer nutritious, healthy meals and can discuss any dietary requirements with you when you arrive.

The food is packed in carrier bags and are quite heavy. Some of our clients find a shopping trolley with wheels or a rucksack helpful to take the produce home.

You will normally be given enough food for 3 days on 3 occasions over a 3 months period.

Contact Us

If you want more information, you can either call into the Art Centre on Bingley Main Street on Tuesday or Friday morning between 10.30 and 12 midday.

Alternatively, you can email us or call 07826 724161 and leave a message if there is no reply.

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